We are incredibly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and hope you enjoy the Ayrshire countryside and coastline during your stay as much as we enjoy living here.

We are proud to be a Member of the Green Tourism Scheme and have earned a Silver Award in recognition of our attempts to provide efficient and environmentally friendly self-catering accommodation.

Green Tourism is an accreditation organisation founded in Scotland, originally developed through a partnership between Visit Scotland and Green Business UK, who continue to develop and operate the scheme. Green Tourism is a well-recognised award as well as being an important part of Scotland’s future towards a sustainable tourism destination.

We are committed to sustainability and providing a high quality service whilst minimising the environmental impact of our activities. Whilst you are staying at Pant Farmhouse you might be interested in what we do to reduce our environmental footprint:


Central heating and all hot water, including water for the eco-friendly hot tub, is provided by our 298kw biomass boiler, which is fed with locally sourced wood pellets.

The farmhouse is individually temperature controlled via digital thermostats. We only purchase electrical equipment with an A or B energy rating and use low energy light bulbs where possible.

All of our doors and windows are double glazed to reduce heat loss and the farmhouse is also very well insulated with rigid insulation boards behind plasterboard lining and added extra insulation in the loft spaces.


The 11kw wind turbine generates a sustainable source electricity which is used across the farm.

Waste Management and Recycling

East Ayrshire Council provide food waste, paper, glass and can recycling. Compost caddies are provided in the farmhouse as well as shopping bags, water bottles and milk bottles to help to minimise waste.

Local Suppliers

Wherever possible, we try to source products which are produced locally, shipped in bulk, and environmentally friendly including cleaning the farmhouse with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We promote a local caterer (   and recommend local shops as well as small local restaurants and businesses, which are in an abundance near us.

When constructing our farmhouse (completed in 2017), we exclusively used local tradesmen and craftsmen.


We provide guests details of cycle routes and hire, some tips on wonderful walks (including the Ayr River Way) and details of train and bus routes (although our rural location does mean that there is not a bus stop on the main road).

Natural Environment

As part of the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme, we have planted mixed species hedgerows to protect water courses and provide food, shelter and green corridors to connect the woodlands on the farm. Along with creating a pond, this all contributes to an improved habitat for the diversification of the wildlife.

We also have beehives, bat boxes, bird feeders and nesting boxes on the farm. Information on local wildlife is available in the farmhouse.

Our aim is to continually seek to improve our environmental and social performance and we welcome our visitors’ ideas too − if there is anything you feel we could do to further help our environment then let us know.